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Xinjiang is a business hotel in the construction of the People's Government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, with unique appearance, rich cultural characteristics and ethnic region of Xinjiang.

The VIP Building has 261 rooms; the Guest Building (the original hotel) has 166 rooms. The total 427 rooms, spacious and comfortable room’s complete, fast friendly service will adds wonderful experience for your travel.

VIP Building
6F Apartment
7-15/F Room
16/F No Smoking Floor
17/F Smoke Free Executive Floor
18/F Executive Lounge / Executive Floor
19/F Executive Floor
20/F Presidential Suite

Guest House
2/F Conference Room
3-6/F Room

Room Facilities
Private safe
Direct dial telephone
Free broadband Internet access
Hair drier
Health scale
International universal 240, 110 Volt power supply
Laundry service
Chinese and foreign satellite TV Channel
Free shoe shining service
Flower distribution
Extra Bed