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Welcome to Xinjiang Plaza

Xinjiang Plaza is a business hotel in the construction of the People's Government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, with unique appearance, rich cultural characteristics and ethnic features of Xinjiang.

The VIP Building has 261 rooms; the Guest Building (the original hotel) has 166 rooms. The total 427 rooms, spacious and comfortable room’s complete, fast friendly service will adds wonderful experience for your travel.

Bazaar Fresh-Cafe concentrated the Muslim characteristics around the world to present you a perfect buffet feast.

Muztaga Muslim Rest gathered in Xinjiang unique ethnic cuisine, making you experience the full range example of Xinjiang Muslim delicacy......

Spanning more than 900 square meters, Mukamu Grand Ballroom and seven multifunctional meetings will meet your various types of requirements in banquet and meeting, so that each of your party will be aesthetic and artistic!

Treasure Regimen Palace and Gourmet House gather Hunan, Sichuan and Guangdong official cuisine, bringing the guests’ taste of the dining experience.

More than 1000 square meters of Hanging Garden, which have bridges, shady trees, will make you comfortable after a busy day.

Yuemei Esprit Club, having beauty salons, fitness room and swimming pool will consistently give you considerate service.

Xinjiang Plaza will give you wonderful experience. Let’s set sail from here......