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Bazaar Fresh-Cafe

Bazaar Fresh-Cafe located in VIP Building on the first floor, bringing you the experience of Muslim food environment and different characteristics of the Muslim diet.

Decoration Style:The adopting of Southeast Asia decoration style is quiet, comfortable, and full of subtropical elements.

Operating characteristics: the breakfast, dinner and supper buffet. Room service is also available; it stays open all hours to provide a variety of exquisite cuisine.

Special Recommendation: roasted the whole lamb, roasted Lamb by iron brazing, a large roasted mutton, roasted mutton in Nang Pit, homemade ice cream etc.

Special Services: provides room service in 24 hours.

Hours of Business: breakfast 06:00--09:20 lunch 11:00--14:00 dinner 17:30---21:00

Tel: 6833 9999-8136

Location: the first floor of the VIP building